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Aerial Environmental Surveys in Colorado

Falcon Helicopters provides a unique perspective for companies in need of aerial environmental surveys and research.  More and more environmental companies rely on aircraft for surveying large research areas in unique wildlife populations or hazard areas.  The benefits of utilizing fixed wing aircraft or helicopters in environmental research are numerous.  First, researchers can gain access to hard to reach locations with minimal disturbance to the wildlife.  Second, aircraft surveys allow personnel to monitor environmental patterns through aerial photography and a broader perspective from above.  Finally, environmental factors such as flooding, fires, corrosion, or soil movement may limit access to locations where environmental surveys are needed.

Environmental wildlife surveys with fixed wing aircraft or helicopters are highly useful especially during seasons in which populations cannot be disturbed from land access.  Falcon Helicopters has a fleet of airplanes and helicopters available to provide access year round.

Based out of Denver, Colorado, Falcon Helicopters services the front range from Wyoming to New Mexico, including Nebraska and Kansas.

Contact us for more information on our aerial support services for environmental purposes.

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