Enstrom on Pipeline Patrol

Pipeline Patrol with Enstrom Helicopters

Why use Enstrom helicopters for pipeline patrol?  Simple, they are cost-effective, powerful, and offer better visibility for lower altitude flying.

Falcon Helicopters has used Enstrom helicopters for pipeline patrol for more than 30 years.  Enstroms are the best choice for helicopter pipeline patrol for several important reasons.  First, Enstroms have powerful, turbo-charged piston engines.  This ensures safety and control even at high altitudes and hot weather.  Second, Enstroms offer better visibility than airplanes and can fly much closer to the aerial patrol right-of-way.  This is especially important in densely forested areas.  Finally, Enstroms are cost-effective to maintain and operate, allowing cost savings to be passed directly on to pipeline operators.  Aerial patrol requires the right aircraft, and Enstroms are by far the best fit.

Hot weather or changes in altitude cause problems for many light helicopters because they are under-powered.  Aerial patrol, and specifically pipeline right-of-ways, can proceed through a variety of terrains, from mountains at 9,000 feet to sea level with hot, humid conditions.  Few conditions are ideal for flying, especially in under-powered aircraft.  Falcon Helicopters solves this problem by utilizing the turbo-charged, piston-engine Enstrom helicopter for aerial patrol.  Falcon’s nationwide aerial patrols span from coast to coast and traverse all the area in between.  No other helicopter performs like an Enstrom from mountains to the hot dense coastlines.  The Enstrom performs well in all altitudes and in all weather, and its fully articulated roter system ensures that stability, control, and safety are always a priority.

Aerial patrol can be tricky, especially when narrow right-of-ways are edged on either side by tall, dense forests.  Especially in the Eastern half of the United States, forests and even cities can provide challenges for effective aerial patrol.  Enstrom helicopters perform much better than airplanes or larger helicopters in these conditions.  They have a large bubble that extends to the underside of the helicopter that allows for excellent visibility from all angles.  In order to see out the window of an airplane, the pilot must fly to the side of the right-of-way and at a much higher altitude.  In many areas this is ineffective because there is no visibility of the pipeline with the angle of the trees.  The Enstrom solves this problem through its ability to fly low (at an altitude of 300 feet above the pipeline) and directly over the pipeline right of way.  The helicopter can even land immediately to address any pipeline infringement concerns.

Airplanes are typically used for aerial patrol because of their low cost.  Large, turbine helicopters are very costly to operate, but airplanes lack the visibility and versatility of a helicopter.  So what if you could gain the effectiveness, visibility, power, and versatility of a helicopter for a comparable cost of airplanes?  This is possible utilizing the Enstrom for aerial patrol.  Enstrom helicopters have a low operating cost and burn fuel at the same rate as single-engine airplanes.  Enstroms cost as little as 25-30% the cost of a large turbine helicopter.  This make them ideal for pipeline patrol work.  By utilizing Enstroms, Falcon Helicopters is able to offer the most competitive rates in the industry for aerial patrol.

Overall, when choosing an aircraft for aerial and pipeline patrol, the choice is simple.  Enstroms provide the best value with the most effective, versatile, and safest method of aerial patrol.

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