FHI assists companies in evaluating the environmental impact of climate and land use, providing a view from above and access to hard-to-reach locations. The environmental impact of land use and climate change requires broad spectrum analysis in order to effectively implement conservation efforts. FHI provides a key element in environmental management, giving analysts aerial access to waterways, right-of-ways, basins, and other remote locations. FHI works closely with the environmental analysts to get the best views and big picture scope.
Land Use
  • Environmental Planning
  • Flood Inspection and Control
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Wildlife Surveys
  • GPS / Terrain mapping
  • Aerial Surveying
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Aerial Photo Acquisition
  • Climate Change Assessments
  • Sample Collection
  • Ground water assessment
  • Conservation Modeling 
  • Mining 
  • Oil and Gas