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Helicopters are one of the most effective methods of aerial utility and pipeline patrol. They offer excellent visibility, the ability to fly low and slow, and hover and land if needed. The helicopter's ability to land immediately to evaluate leaks, washouts, or other activity near the right-of-way is a valuable assessment and prevention tool. It increases immediate availability to problem situations, as well as offers a much better view than other aircraft.

Falcon’s Approach

Falcon Helicopters has used Enstrom helicopters for pipeline patrol for more than 25 years. Enstroms are the best choice for helicopter pipeline patrol for several important reasons. First, Enstroms have powerful, turbo-charged piston engines. This ensures safety and control even at high altitudes and in hot weather. Second, Enstroms offer better visibility than airplanes and can fly much closer to the aerial patrol right-of-way. This is especially important in densely forested areas where right-of-way visibility is limited. Finally, Enstroms are cost-effective to maintain and operate, allowing cost savings to be passed directly on to pipeline operators. Aerial patrol requires the right aircraft, and Enstroms are by far the best fit.
Helicopter Patrol

Helicopter Patrol Services

  • Pipeline Patrol

  • Power Line Patrol

  • Fiber-optic Line Patrol

  • Cathodic Protection Surveys

  • Pipeline Construction Support

  • Right-of-Way Surveys

  • Right-of-Way Aerial Videotaping

  • Structure Photography

  • Span Surveys 

  • GPS Mapping

  • Emergency Line Inspection

Where We Provide Helicopter Pipeline Patrol

Where We Provide Helicopter Pipeline Patrol

Photo Gallery of Helicopter Patrols

  • Oil and Gas Rig in Arizona
    Drilling in Mid-Western U.S.
  • Helicopter Pipeline Patrol in Wyoming
    Helicopter Patrol in Wyoming
  • Trenching New Pipeline
  • Exposure on Pipeline Patrol
  • Sinkhole in Texas on Pipeline Patrol
    Sinkhole in NE Texas
  • Backhoe on Pipeline Patrol
    Backhoe on Right of Way