Fixed Wing Aerial | Pipeline Patrol

Fixed wing aircraft provide an excellent, cost-effective method for patrolling vast areas of right of way. Airplanes can cover large territories in a short period of time and meet the governmental requirements for many pipeline patrols. Fixed wing pipeline patrol is an excellent choice for areas not requiring immediate access in the case of leaks or damage to right-of-ways.

Falcon’s Approach

Falcon’s fixed wing pipeline patrol is both economical and reliable. Falcon ensures that multiple aircraft are available for all patrol routes. This ensures that in the event of maintenance or delays, the patrols are done on schedule. Falcon’s fixed wing aerial patrol service does not cut corners, and Falcon maintains reasonable prices with the guarantee that the work will be done right and on schedule. Fixed wing aerial patrol requires the proper approach to do it well. GPS locators, weather monitors, and computer mapping programs provide daily reports of progress, issues spotted, and documentation to show that the aerial patrol work was done correctly. Falcon pilots check in routinely throughout the day and their progress is monitored by central operations. This ensures a smooth, efficient operation with accountability and the guarantee that the work is done properly.
Fixed Wing Pipeline Patrol

Fixed-Wing Patrol Services

  • Pipeline Patrol

  • Power Line Patrol

  • Fiber-optic Line Patrol

  • Right-of-Way Surveys

  • GPS Mapping

  • Emergency Line Inspection

Where We Provide Fixed Wing Patrol

Where We Provide Fixed Wing Patrol

Photo Gallery from Airplane Patrol

  • Trenching New Pipeline
  • Airplane Pipeline Patrol
  • Sinkhole in Texas on Pipeline Patrol
    Sinkhole in NE Texas
  • Fixed Wing Pipeline Patrol in Colorado