Backhoe on Right of Way

Aerial Environmental Surveys in Colorado

Falcon Helicopters provides a unique perspective for companies in need of aerial environmental surveys and research.  More and more environmental companies rely on aircraft for surveying large research areas in unique wildlife populations or hazard areas.  The benefits of utilizing fixed wing aircraft or helicopters in environmental research are numerous.  First, researchers can gain access […]

Fixed Wing for Aerial Support

Fixed Wing Pipeline Patrol: Not All Created Equal

It is more important than ever for pipeline operators to have an fixed wing pipeline patrol partner they can trust.  Falcon’s fixed wing patrol service is an excellent way for operators to meet government regulations without compromising on quality.  What makes Falcon’s fixed wing aerial patrol stand out?  Simple, our commitment to service.  The aerial patrol industry is […]

Enstrom on Pipeline Patrol

Pipeline Patrol with Enstrom Helicopters

Why use Enstrom helicopters for pipeline patrol?  Simple, they are cost-effective, powerful, and offer better visibility for lower altitude flying. Falcon Helicopters has used Enstrom helicopters for pipeline patrol for more than 30 years.  Enstroms are the best choice for helicopter pipeline patrol for several important reasons.  First, Enstroms have powerful, turbo-charged piston engines.  This ensures safety and control even […]